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Inquiry, feasibility study,
offer, order processing

Field expertise and close evaluation of the inquiries are the basic ingredients to satisfy our customers requests within the limits of the applicable legislation.

Raw materials acceptance and inspection

The essentials for the compliance of the products with the contractual terms are an effective suppliers assessment method, the processing of high-quality raw materials, their regular inspection before production.

Production order and manufacturing

Up-to-date production lines, equipped with most advanced servo installations, assure uniform properties and accordance with the order specifications to the manufactured products. Trained and qualified personnel supervises the whole production flow in order to prevent non conformities. ATM Srl has an annual production capacity of about 10.000 tons and features the following cold drawing lines: • dry-drawing machines (wire through soap and die boxes) • wet-drawing machines (dies and wire immersed in lubricant). ATM processes the following raaw material types: low, medium and high caron wire rod

Quality checks, instruments and measuring devices, test certificates

For each production batch ATM files the respective quality reports attesting the product conformity. According to our quality system, the testing procedures and methods are fixed during the initial planning operations and duly performed throuought the manufacturing process. The drawing-lines are outfitted with last-generation measuring devices to prevent and remove occasional failures and to guarantee the products compliance with the contractual requirements. The mechanical properties are tested at the end of each manufacturing lot and the respective control papers are issued according to the customer prescriptions.

Identification, weighing, packaging, delivery

Each manufactured item is coded and traceable along the whole production flow. The goods are packaged according to the customer specifications.

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